httv wins the “Grand Prix” at AFDESI AWARDS, for its HbbTV support

httv wins the “Grand Prix” at AFDESI AWARDS, for its HbbTV support


httv has won “The AFDESI GRAND PRIX”, the most prestigious award of the 2012 International ITV Awards, at Mipcom in Cannes. The company was rewarded for all its action in supporting the development of the HbbTV standard.

httv is an iTV solutions provider based in France and in Singapore. The company is a major player in the development of HbbTV and has been deeply committed to the success of the standard since its creation.

httv is a member of the HbbTV consortium, as well as the HD forum, and has participated in the HbbTV standard specifications.

Its “httvStream” Head End product has been the first HbbTV data streaming solution commercially deployed on the French market and has been chosen by key operators such as TDF, France Television, TF1 and Eutelsat.

httv announced at IBC 2012, the first commercial deployment of “httvLink”*, an innovative open middleware solution for HbbTV STBs with Televes, a leading European set top box manufacturer. Televes is integrated with the Sigma Designs SMP8670 Soc. It was the first HbbTV deployment for Televes and Sigma Designs. Good Mind Industries (GMI, Taiwan) has also selected “httvLink”* for its new range of HD+ Smart TV STBs for the German HbbTV market.

httv continues to develop its HbbTV compliant product range. It launched at this year IBC edition, the “HbbTV Starter Kit” an innovative lightweight play-out solution for application prototyping, validation and demonstrations. Created to easily display HbbTV applications in real broadcast conditions, it only requires a PC and a modulation card. This product has been chosen by, among others, Globecast and Rovi.

With its new subsidiary in Singapore acquired in 2011, httv is also actively promoting the new European standard to Digital TV operators in South East Asia with recent announcements in Malaysia and Singapore.

“We are very proud of receiving this Grand Prix that reflects httv’s commitment to HbbTV’s success as one of the co-founder of HbbTV, I am convinced that all actors of the TV industry will greatly beneficiate of HbbTV. It is uniquely positioned to link the TV entertainment value to the power of the internet” said Régis Saint Girons, httv’s new CEO.

“It is with great pleasure that I gave this "Grand Prix du Jury" to httv in recognition of their commitment and contribution to the significant development and deployment of HbbTV and interactive television. It is also a way to encourage them to continue their efforts to further success and achievements that will benefit us all” said Mohammed Dadas, vice-president of the Open IPTV Forum and president of the AFDESI iTV AWARDS jury.

*previously named “httvBOX”